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Imagine moving to a new country where many things are different, from the language, culture and food to governmental structure, health care system and even weather. These are some of the challenges the Syrian refugee families will face when they arrive in Miramichi. We need your help to get them settled and familiar with our community. 
Let's help them feel welcomed!




The administrative team is the liaison with the government and responsible for paperwork such as the volunteer police check . If you are organized and administratively gifted, we could use your help.
We are currently looking for accommodations for a family of 9, with 7 children. Need easy access to bus routes and/or walking distance to shopping centers. Please contact us if you have any leads.
Our refugee family will be starting from scratch and will need everything to start a home. We have an ongoing list of needed household items listed further down on this webpage. The clothing committee is also part of this team, headed by Karen Lannan and Patty Foran. General contact: Arlene Martin




Children in our refugee family will be entering our local school system. Educators and school staff are working together to discus how we might best educate and integrate refugee children into our schools. 
With permanent resident status, our refugee family will have access to primary health care. Medical professionals such as doctors, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists and hospital staff are working together to provide accessible and culturally-sensitive health care.
Refugee families will be displaced from their friends and extended family when they land. This group aims to plan social events to be friends to the refugees, offering assistance with anything they may need, from offering hospitality to bringing them to local sightseeing locales.




Raising funds doesn't happen by itself! We need help approaching the community for donations, either through calls and in-person meetings. Contact us if you are interested in helping with the group or organizing events for fundraising.
Partnering with the Miramichi Multicultural Society, this group aims to help the refugee family integrate into life in our community and country, from helping them with the bus system and offering ESL classes to informing them on our federal and provincial governmental systems.
This group focuses on bringing province-wide resources together with the work we are doing at MRST. Additionally communications is responsible for advertising the needs of our group to the community.
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Donation Items for Refugee Families
As the refugee families will fully rely on our support during their stay with us, we need donated items to be in very good condition so there is no future need to replace them.  A good rule of thumb: Donate items you would feel comfortable using in your own home. We currently do not have storage for all these items; please keep them stored with you until we are ready to receive them.
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In-Kind Donations List